(Coordinator – Margarida Vieira)

Congregates infrastructures for participatory research to characterize and develop solutions in nursing to be applied on vulnerable populations, families in adversity, people with chronic illness, frail elderly; complex interventions and patient safety, ethics and education in health.

The research is done with and for the vulnerable populations in different communities aiming to promote autonomy and prevent frailty in the elderly, studying and testing new assistance solutions.

The Nursing Research platform has 2 labs each with a Lab Leader

  • Living-Lab in Ageing & Caring – Margarida Vieira
  • Wounds Research Lab – Paulo Alves

 Integrated Researchers:

Amélia Maria da Fonseca Simões Figueiredo

Beatriz Rodrigues Araújo

Cristina Maria Alves Marques Vieira
Élvio Henriques de Jesus
João Daniel Neves Amado

João Manuel da Costa Amado

José Amendoeira

Luís Octávio de Sá

Margarida Maria da Silva Vieira - Platform Coordinator, Lab Responsible

Patrícia Cruz Pontífice Sousa Valente Ribeiro

Paulo Jorge Pereira Alves - Lab Responsible

Sérgio Joaquim Deodato Fernandes
Sílvia Maria Alves Caldeira Berenguer

Collaborator Researchers:

  • Adelino Filipe Rodrigues Pires (PhD student)
  • Constança Festas (PhD)
  • Filipa Alexandra Veludo Fernandes (PhD student)
  • Joana Marques Romeiro (PhD student)
  • Manuel Barnabé Moura Pinto de Melo (PhD student)
  • Maria Clara Lopes Peixoto Braga (PhD student)
  • Maria Teresa de Mendonça Pinto do Amaral (PhD student)
  • Marlene Azevedo Moreira (PhD student)
  • Nelson Emídio Henrique Guerra (PhD student)
  • Paulo Alexandre Figueiredo dos Santos (PhD student)
  • Rosa Carla Gomes da Silva (PhD)
  • Sandra Cristina Ferreira Lopes Simões do Paço (PhD student)
  • Sandra Sofia Barbosa Pinto de Almeida (PhD student)
  • Susana Sofia Abreu Miguel (PhD student)
  • Tânia Filipa Santos Costa (PhD student)
  • Vasco Manuel da Silva Neves (aluno PhD)
  • Zaida Borges Charepe (PhD)